O’Ban and Harmsworth hosting news conference on Sound Transit legislation

OLYMPIA… Sen. Steve O’Ban, R-University Place, and Rep. Mark Harmsworth, R-Mill Creek, will be hosting a news conference Thursday, Feb. 1, at 12 p.m. in the Senate Republican Caucus Room, third floor of Legislative Building, to discuss Sound Transit legislation.

The media availability will focus on legislation that would cut car tab fees, hold Sound Transit accountable to taxpayers, stop Sound Transit from imposing property taxes on homeowners who weren’t given the opportunity to vote for Sound Transit, and force the agency to go back to taxpayers for approval if it anticipates spending more than the $54 billion it says it needs to complete the ST3 project.

Senate Democrats refuse to move Senate Bill 6303, O’Ban’s bill, that would cut the car tab tax by 55 percent and require the tax be based on the actual market value, not a legislative concocted schedule such as SB 5955.

Democrats also refuse to move out of committee SB 6301, which would require direct elections of Sound Transit board members by taxpayers.

Finally, Democrats have refused to hear SB 6465, which would require Sound Transit to get voter approval if it needs more than the $54 billion approved by voters in 2016. Sound Transit has an abysmal record of completing projects within budget and on time, and yet ST3 gave Sound Transit a blank check: If costs exceed its $54 billion budget, Sound Transit can continue collecting taxes without voter approval.

If you would like to tune in and watch the event, TVW will stream it live. https://www.tvw.org/watch/?eventID=2018021041


Washington State House Republican Communications