Rep. Harmsworth amendment to put brakes on I-405 HOV lane rule changes defeated in House


April 9, 2015

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 Rep. Harmsworth amendment to put brakes on I-405
HOV lane rule changes defeated in House


A narrow majority in the state House today defeated an amendment from state Rep. Mark Harmsworth, R-Mill Creek, to delay a recent rule-change decision by the Rep. Mark Harmsworth on the House floorWashington Transportation Commission to increase the required number of riders in I-405 HOV lanes from two to three.

The commission last month decided that only vehicles with three or more riders could ride for free in 405’s HOV lanes. During peak hours vehicles with two riders would have to pay a toll for HOV-lane travel.

Harmsworth’s amendment would have allowed free travel in the HOV lanes for carpools with two or more riders for the first 180 days of the rule change. During those 180 days the state Department of Transportation (WSDOT) would study traffic on 405 to determine if free travel for two-plus carpools in HOV lanes is practical and not disruptive to traffic.

“It’s too bad the House wouldn’t even allow a delay in a rule change that will hit so many carpoolers,” said Harmsworth. “The people in my district are very upset state government doesn’t seem to care about the extra expense and inconvenience this will cause.”

Harmsworth’s amendment was defeated on a 48-49 vote.

To hear audio of Harmsworth’s remarks on the amendment, click here and here.

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