Rep. Harmsworth reacts to ‘terrible’ decision to up I-405 HOV requirement from two riders to three


March 19, 2015

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 Rep. Harmsworth reacts to ‘terrible’ decision to up I-405 HOV
requirement from two riders to three

Rep. Mark Harmsworth, R-Mill Creek, responded to the Washington State Transportation Commission’s decision late yesterday to increase the HOV lane rider requirement on I-405 from two riders to three, during peak hours.

“This is a terrible idea that will disrupt many people’s commutes and add to congestion on 405,” he said. “What makes it even worse is this was decided by an unelected commission that is not directly accountable to the people.

“My bill to require legislative agreement before enacting such a change may be dead, but I still think lawmakers can and should try to step in and put it on hold.”

Harmsworth, who sits on the House Transportation Committee, said he is exploring the Legislature’s options for at least postponing the rule change.

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